Immersed Unveils the Updated Visor: A Fully Standalone Spatial Computing Device

November 14, 2023

Austin, TX Nov 14th, 2023 – Immersed, a leader in spatial computing solutions, proudly announces the move to enhance Visor to a fully standalone device that will deliver an even more premium experience, similar to the Apple Vision Pro, but for less than a third of the price and also compatible with Windows/Linux (in addition to Mac). Immersed has implemented design improvements to increase the functionality of Visor for several new use cases. Immersed is working closely with Qualcomm and Intel to ensure Visor is a premium experience with top-of-the-line performance. The move to enhance Visor's capabilities comes in response to its widespread demand across various sectors, including entertainment, social, enterprise, military, manufacturing, and education, to name a few.

“We’ve noticed that companies building headsets don't regularly use their own products. Our team is building Visor as a product that WE want, since we work in Immersed full-time alongside our users. That means that Visor needs to have a minimum baseline for the premium experience we require,“ said Renji Bijoy, Founder & CEO of Immersed.

Key Upgrades in Visor Development:

1. Fully Standalone for more use cases:
Visor will no longer need a parent computer. It can be used as a standalone device for premium productivity and entertainment, similar to the Apple Vision Pro, but for less than a third of the price.

  • Built-in Web Browser: Access the web directly from Visor (without a laptop connected) for convenient digital exploration.
  • Immersive Home Theater Experience: Stream movies and shows with friends in your AR/VR home theater without the need to be tethered to a computer.
  • OpenXR Compliant: Visor won't have an App Store for developers at launch, but will allow them to run their apps for their own purposes.

2. Wireless Freedom for All:
Now standard with all Visors, WiFi and Bluetooth functionality unlock the potential for seamless transitions from wired to wireless functions.

  • Previously, Visor came standard as a wired device that had an optional add-on for wireless capability. Now, every device will come standard with a 30-minute battery with Wifi and Bluetooth functionality for users who want to temporarily detach from their computer without interruption.
  • 2-hour & 4-hour battery upgrades are available for extended wireless usage to replace the standard battery that comes with the device.

3. Revolutionary Premium Strap Technology: Visor introduces a never-before-seen strap technology combination, setting a new standard in head-mounted comfort for prolonged sessions (more to come soon).

4. Smart Touch Integrated with Curator (AI integration): The new Smart Touch feature (capacitive touch button), combined with Curator (Immersed's AI assistant), helps you with menial tasks in your virtual environment, allowing you to concentrate on higher-value tasks with less effort.

One-touch AI assistant integration

5. Advanced Tracking with Additional Cameras: Given the demand for more use cases that require higher fidelity movement, Visor now features 6 higher-quality tracking cameras. Users will be able to move freely and confidently with incredibly high precision.

Price Increase for a More Premium Experience:

In partnership with Qualcomm and Intel, Immersed is dedicated to making Visor the optimal device for working professionals, the Enterprise, and for media consumers.

With the desire to release a more premium device, Visor 's pricing will soon increase. However, to honor the community who has supported our vision thus far , Visor 4K will remain at the original price of $749.99 and the Visor 4K Founders Edition at $999.99 through Black Friday (November 24th). After Black Friday, the prices will increase to $949.99 and $1249.99, respectively. 

For those who desire to reserve today’s discounted pricing (expiring post-Black Friday) but were going to wait for product reviews, all pre-orders will continue to be fully-refundable . All Visors will be shipped on a “first-come, first-serve” basis per SKU.

All previous pre-orders will be honored at the pricing they received.

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A Message from Our CEO, Renji Bijoy

“Visor is a breakthrough in the world of spatial computing, designed to cater to everyone, especially those who haven’t yet adopted AR/VR, from casual enthusiasts to the most demanding professional users,” said Renji Bijoy, CEO of Immersed. “Our partnerships with Qualcomm and Intel ensures the highest performance, while our new features like Smart Touch and enhanced AR capabilities mark a significant leap forward in VR technology. We're excited to bring this revolutionary experience to the masses.”

About Visor:

Visor is a game-changing spatial computing device designed for the modern professional. With unparalleled 4K resolution, sleek portability, and an ultra-comfortable premium strap, Visor transforms the way you work. Seamlessly replace monitors with a device that adapts to your ideal workspace, offering a lightweight and immersive experience. Elevate productivity, redefine collaboration, and embrace the future of work with Visor.

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About Immersed:

Immersed is a cutting-edge spatial computing application that empowers professionals to work and collaborate in virtual offices. With a commitment to innovation and user experience, Immersed has become the most used spatial computing software globally, driving the future of remote work.

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