Who is Visor created/owned by?

Immersed Inc. (immersed.com)

How does Visor compare with other AR/VR devices?

It doesn't. Visor is not an AR/VR headset that is generalized for gaming, training, or entertainment. Visor is focused on a complementary market segment (professionals) and is specifically optimized for work. In order to expedite speed to market, the Visor won't have an App Store for developers, but may open up an SDK for individual sideloaded applications at a later date.

When is the expected shipping date for the Visor?

It's in all our partners' best interest to begin shipments as early as possible in the year. We are actively coordinating with our manufacturing partners to finalize shipping dates. You can expect deliveries to commence and continue throughout 2024.

When will I be charged sales tax/VAT and shipping costs?

Applicable sales tax/VAT and shipping costs will be charged after your face-scans are collected and your order goes into production. We'll send a follow-up email to get your shipping information as we are near your delivery window.

What's the procedure for inquiring about bulk sales?

Please reach out to sales@visor.com for bulk pre-orders and enterprise sales.

Why use this over AR glasses that mirror screens?

1) Visor has TWICE the field of view of AR glasses so you can see multiple screens simultaneously.
2) Visor offers both AR and VR experiences so you can also enter full immersion to remove distractions when needed.
3) Visor runs Immersed, the most used AR/VR work application on the planet.
3) Visor tracks with 6 degrees of freedom to prevent nausea.

How does passthrough compare on Visor vs other headsets? What kind of passthrough is it?

It will be 4x the resolution of anything else on the market today. It has two stereo RGB cameras with one depth sensor.

Once I open my laptop, how long until virtual screens boot up in Visor?

Seconds. Not minutes.

Does Visor come with a backstrap?

Yes. We anticipate people using the backstrap more often than the stems for better comfort.

Does Visor have HD color passthrough?

Yes, and higher resolution than what’s available on the market.

Is a subscription required to use Visor? How is the Visor so inexpensive?

No. Immersed makes revenue from its Marketplace (ie., new environments) and Enterprise contracts, resulting in extra savings for consumers.

Is the Visor wireless?

Yes, every Visor is both wired and wireless. Wired offers greater performance while wireless lets you be tetherless when needed.

Can I use Visor if I have corrective lenses?

Before production, we'll invite you to order magnetic lens inserts for your prescription. To achieve a sleek fit, glasses cannot fit under Visor.

Does Visor have IPD adjustments so I can share it with others?

Unfortunately, no. We've created Visor to be a personal device, similar to work laptops. But if others have a similar IPD, they can try it. During the face scan process, we will use your IPD (ranging 55mm-72mm) to send you the right size for you.

Does Visor have built-in speakers? How does spatial audio work?

No. Audio will work similarly to a PCVR experience. Most of our users on other headsets use their laptop's native audio with their preferred earbuds/headphones. So, we decided not to have built-in speakers to save on cost, weight, and size.

Does Visor have its own OS?

No. Visor natively runs the Immersed application as an extension of your current work computer (Mac/PC/Linux). No need to learn a new OS. In order to expedite speed to market, the Visor won't have an App Store for developers, but may open up an SDK for individual sideloaded applications at a later date.

With focus on Visor, is Immersed dropping support for other headsets?

Absolutely not. Immersed will continue to be supported on other headsets and expand to newly released headsets also (ie., Apple Vision Pro).

Is Visor just 3DoF?

No. Visor has 6DoF tracking.

Do you have a refund policy?

All pre-order deposits are fully refundable anytime prior to your custom headset being produced (you will be notified ahead of time).

What's the referral/affiliate program?

Every Visor purchase enables a unique referral code which can be used to accrue discounts which will be applied once your Visor is produced.
There is also a Visor affiliate program available for select individuals and media channels that have high volume traffic. You can apply here: Affiliates.

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