Boost Your Workflow Efficiency: Harnessing AR/VR Glasses for Enhanced Focus on Work

Discover How AR & VR Technology Elevates Deep Work and Concentration

According to Forbes, 90% of workers are expected to head back into the office this year.

Millions of professionals everywhere find themselves at a crossroads. Amidst the discourse of returning to the office, one thing remains clear: with Visor 4K, you can keep a lot of the benefits of remote work even when transitioning back to an office setting.

Visor is the smallest 4K per eye headset that modern professionals are using to replace their traditional monitors. With five ultra-high-resolution 4K screens, worldwide coworking, and seamless streaming capabilities, Visor is changing the way we work. It’s the sidekick you need at your desk to boost productivity and make work a little less boring.

Sunday Scaries

The majority of workers today are dreading coming back to the office for a handful of reasons. There’s the coworker who’s always interrupting your flow, long commutes, and lack of autonomy over the majority of your day. Whether you’re remote, hybrid, or in the office, Visor is giving users some of that autonomy back. By offering users a fresh perspective on the mundane day-to-day, Visor is unlocking the ability to work any way you want.

In the past few years, remote and hybrid work options have given rise to a wave of digital nomads over social media. Before, most people had to patiently save up their PTO to be approved just to get a change of scenery.

For those who are being forced to head back to the office, the ability to work anywhere is not something people are willing to give up. With Visor, you gain access to a whole new world where you can experience a new reality every day… regardless of your location.

What Does Working in Visor Look Like?

Visor 4K allows you to instantly change your environment to suit your preferences. So the next time the sky resembles the same hue as your gray cubicle, you can move your workday to a tropical paradise in “Tulum.” With a click, you can immerse yourself in an environment that boosts creativity, calms anxiety, and cuts out the view of your nosy neighbor.

You could even use VR to transform bustling places like a train commute into tranquil settings reminiscent of a mountaintop view.

The left side of the image shows someone working in Augmented Reality, while the right side of the image represents working in Virtual Reality.

If you are not looking to escape the distractions of your surroundings and would rather be in tune with your surroundings, Visor also allows you to use your digital screens while you see your natural surroundings. Allowing you to stay in the loop of what’s happening around you while you lock in. It will leave your coworkers wondering how you’re able to be so productive.

Less Distractions. More Execution.

Gone are the days of being constantly interrupted by our environments. While most people may believe that cutting out distractions is easier while in the office, studies show that isn’t exactly the case.

According to Business News Daily, one-third of workers complain that office gossip is reducing their productivity. The most commonly cited issue? Cell phones.

No shocker there. It doesn’t matter how many productivity apps you download if you’re surrounded by visual noise and distraction.

Visor makes it possible to be so immersed in a vibrant world, that you forget your phone and other distractions even exist. All of this allows you to get into a deep state of flow faster and maintain it for longer than ever before. Visor offers a one-of-a-kind experience allowing you to zone in on your most used applications (any application you can access on your laptop you can bring into VR with Visor) with up to 5 4K screens.

Stealth Mode: Visor Keeps Your Screens Private

Privacy and discretion are incredibly important for people who work in competitive and confidential work environments. C-Suite, managers, and their assistants are expected to keep confidential information out of water cooler talk. HR professionals have nightmares about payroll information getting leaked. I bet you could think of one friend who’s had a message pop up at work that left them hanging their heads in shame. Visor is the everyday professional’s privacy solution. While privacy screens exist for laptops, monitors don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution.

Say goodbye to coworkers looking over your shoulder, and say hello to complete privacy! Visor’s software dims your desktop and laptop screens while connected to ensure no one can see your screens, but you. Visor puts your privacy first in all scenarios, whether you’re co-working with a friend or in your cubicle. This keeps your workflow 100% private. Plus, you’ll never be bothered by screen glare again.

We All Scream For 5 Screens

More than just another VR headset, it’s a light, portable gateway to productivity. Visor is specifically designed for those seeking a revolutionary approach to remote work and immersive collaboration. While portable monitors exist, they usually lack screen quality and it’s very cumbersome to lug around your 2–3 monitor setup. Visor weighs less than your average smartphone and can fit in your palm, making it very easy to bring your ideal work setup with you wherever you go.

One of the most prized features of Visor is the ability to work with 5 screens at once. Having resizable screens allows users to zone in and out of detailed work. This is especially helpful for anyone needing to reference multiple screens during their workflow. That is why Immersed, the creator of Visor and the most used AR/VR productivity app, is very popular among coders, architects, writers, and designers.

Immersed is transforming an industry once confined to gaming into a powerhouse for productivity.

All Work & No Play?

While Visor was built with both VR enthusiasts and non-VR users in mind, you can’t have all work and no play.

Enjoy services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Prime Video, Paramount+, Peacock, and more!

In addition to enhancing your productivity at work, Visor has become a powerhouse when it comes to entertainment. After a long day, we all want a chance to unwind and relax by watching our favorite show. Ultra-high-resolution displays that deliver more pixels than a 4K TV for each eye, make it an amazing movie-watching experience. Whether you’re kicking it on the couch or finishing up the tasks you missed during the work day, Visor is your new essential.

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