How can AR/VR Improve Remote Working for Digital Nomads?

Visor is solving many of the challenges that hybrid-remote workers face every day.

Being a digital nomad unquestionably has its benefits like endless travel, a flexible work schedule, and the excitement of exploring new cultures and people… but it also comes with a lot of challenges for the working professional.

Finding things like a reliable internet connection, a suitable “office space” for the day, and a way to lug around your gear like monitors can quickly turn into a full-time job. Not to mention, making new friends and having meaningful relationships while you continuously change your physical location can prove to be incredibly difficult.

While the benefits often outweigh the challenges, it would be nice if there was new tech that would make those challenges a lot easier to overcome.

Unlocking Productivity on the Go with Visor

Recently Immersed announced the launch of the “world’s smallest 4K per eye headset,” Visor, and I believe that every digital nomad can benefit from this incredible AR/VR technology.

Visor gives you five ultra-high-resolution 4K screens anywhere you go, seamless streaming capabilities, and worldwide coworking and networking. Visor is everything you need to unlock productivity and flexibility in your workday.

A/R is a great solution for modern professionals seeking peak efficiency during travel and remote work. Let’s get into the details, and explore how something like Visor can improve your workflow.

Traveling Light with Visor

For the digital nomads who never know where their next “office” might be, it’s very important to travel light and be ready for the worst of circumstances.

The Visor is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. It makes it incredibly easy to carry it with you in your typical book bag.

When you’re traveling, you never know how busy that recommended coworking spot will be when you arrive. That is why having the ability to choose to work in AR or VR is an absolute game changer.

Getting in the zone with Visor is effortless, with 5 4k screens you can always transform any space into the perfect work setup!

The Features You Need to Work Smarter

Access all 5 of those high-quality screens, with or without internet, to maximize your productivity and reduce the fumbling between multiple tabs.

Visor also comes with an AI assistant, “Curator,” which indexes and analyzes all user interactions in AR/VR environments, offering instant expert knowledge, perfect memory recall, and proactive task management. It acts as a personal “chatGPT” for work-related queries and prompts users with priority tasks from recent meetings.

Visor’s compatibility allows you to seamlessly connect to your Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop from any location. Transporting yourself into a deep flow state, no matter where the day takes you.

WFH: A Change of Scenery

Even the best work locations can become old and stale day after day. Unfortunately, sometimes even your favorite coffee shop can’t inspire you to get your work done early on a Wednesday morning.

Whenever you get the urge to switch things up and experience something new, Visor opens up the opportunity to change your surroundings with just a click. You’ll stay inspired throughout the week with so many different locations to choose from.

No Space? No Problem.

As you’re traveling it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a small, tight workspace that you have to make work for a few days. Having a smaller workspace than you’re used to can make it tough to get comfortable and focused.

24/7 Access to Coworking

When you use Visor, you can invite other AR/VR users into your own “private office” where you can do things like share screens, whiteboard, or chat through goals as if they were sitting in the same room.

Live collaboration is crucial for those who live far from work and don’t get face time with their team members often. Remote workers know all too well that face time with their peers and boss can go a long way when most of their communication is typically through a Slack channel or Zoom. For the first time, an entire team can feel connected in VR and have an alternative to the typical Zoom call.

Visor is a Digital Nomad’s Dream Product

With Visor 4K and a laptop, you can take full advantage of your location without having to make sure you’re back to a stuffy hotel room, or at your home office before a work call.

Imagine being able to step outside of your Airbnb and take your morning call with your 5 screens in augmented reality. You can see the scenery behind your standup Zoom call, Excel sheet, and Slack app. With Visor, you can finally be just as present in meetings as with the natural scenery.

If you don’t have the luxury of picking a slow serene environment to utilize augmented reality, don’t worry you could always stop by a nearby coffee shop and easily switch your workflow into a distraction-free virtual reality environment.

This is what it feels like to be a hybrid remote worker with Visor.

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