Immersed Announces “Immersed IRL 2024”: Visor Keynote & Hands-On Demos in Austin, TX on Sept 19th, 2024

Immersed Inc. – May 29th, 2024 – Immersed officially announces the date and location of Visor's full unveiling at Immersed IRL 2024, along with hands-on demos for Founder’s Edition pre-order customers.

Visor is a spatial computing device that revolutionizes the way professionals work and collaborate. Powered by a high-performance Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 chip, Visor offers best in class resolution and performance for its sleek form factor, targeting professionals who work using laptops, rather than the traditional VR market that’s mostly targeted towards hobbyists. Its dual 4K micro-OLED displays deliver stunning clarity and vibrant colors, creating an experience that makes both work and video entertainment more productive, immersive, and engaging. Visor replaces the need for physical monitors, increases focus, and enhances collaboration for remote teams irrespective of location.

Visor Keynote, Hands-On Demos, & Delivery Announcement

Immersed is thrilled to invite you to Immersed IRL 2024 (Visor Keynote & Hands-On Demo) event at the Zach Theatre in Austin, TX on September 19th, 2024. Attendees get an exclusive first look at Visor in action, learn more about its cutting-edge features, and hear from the team behind its development. Tickets are open to anyone, but there are limited seats in the theater. So, first come, first serve.

Given the increasing interest in developing 3rd-party applications on Visor, relevant developers are also welcome to join as we will set aside time during Immersed IRL to discuss potential future developments for a productivity-focused “app center”.

All Founder’s Edition customers will be prioritized for demo slots immediately following the Keynote. Everyone else at the event will be scheduled later that day, or the following day.

As a “thank you” for participating, all in attendance at Immersed IRL Keynote will be sent a free premium Visor travel case (a $130 value) afterwards.

Sign up @ First come, first serve 🚨.

Founders Edition ships following the Visor Keynote

During previous quality testing, Immersed opted to take some more time to optimize Visor’s lens quality and clarity. Since team members were finally satisfied with the results, 3rd-party product reviewers are now scheduled to receive Visors more widely following the Keynote with Founder’s Edition Visors delivering soon after (depending on country and order date). Standard 4K Visors ship 6 months later.

Partnered With Pegatron, BOE, and others:

Immersed is thrilled to publicly announce partnerships with Pegatron and BOE

Pegatron is a global manufacturing powerhouse renowned for scaling products with high build-quality for industry giants such as Apple, Tesla, Dell, and others. By leveraging Pegatron’s world-renowned expertise rather than manufacturing alone, Immersed can ensure that Visor will exceed the highest standards of quality with minimal defects at a global scale. 

In addition, Immersed is utilizing BOE’s display technology to bring some of the highest resolution optics to the industry, as are other industry leaders like Apple’s Vision Pro.  

Furthermore, Immersed has partnered with the creators behind Sony PSVR’s eye-tracking technology. It’s the same technology that’s also found in Dell’s Alienware laptops, Toyota vehicles, and more.

Immersed is excited to fuse advanced technology with exceptional craftsmanship as Visor releases.

Immersed to Send IPD Scan Instructions for Visor Production

If you placed a Founder’s Edition Visor pre-order already, you can expect to receive an email from our team by July to scan your personal IPD. Other pre-orders will receive invitations in the weeks and months following depending on location and when their order was placed.

Starting Sept 20, orders will be locked in for those who have submitted their face scan. So feel free to hold off submitting your IPD until then. The priority queue will stay the same, but if its supposed to ship and you still haven't submitted your IPD, it'll just sit there and wait at the top of the queue.

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