Most Technology is Hurting Your Attention Span. Visor Can Help Improve it.

Boost Focus and Combat ADHD with AR/VR Technology in the Workplace.

It’s estimated that more than 366 million adults have ADHD worldwide as of 2020. But people with ADHD are not the only ones having a hard time staying focused during their work days. The truth is we all struggle with this from time to time.

In Dr. Gloria Mark’s book “Attention Span” she talks about how our attention spans have dramatically decreased over the years. No shock there.

“Not only do people concentrate for less than a minute on any one screen,” Mark said, but “when attention is diverted from an active work project, they take about 25 minutes to refocus on that task.

That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

According to a Zippia’s blind study on 1000 employees, during an eight-hour workday, the average worker only spends 4 hours and 12 minutes actively working.

The question is are you working hard, or are you hardly working?

Being able to hold attention to the task at hand has always been hard, but it’s only becoming increasingly hard with our usual environmental distractions, less-than-ideal remote workspaces, and the myriad of digital distractions like notifications, switching browser tabs, etc.

It has been extremely difficult for people with attention deficit disorder to find a one-size-fits-all solution to their inability to focus for long periods of time. The VR experience available with Visor is a direct solution to so many of the problems and distractions that many people in the workplace face.

If You Control Your Environment, You Can Control Your Focus!

Many people, myself included, believe that we are products of our environment. The people and things we surround ourselves with, shape how we think, and feel, and in most cases directly affect how productive we are. In many cases, we could eliminate the distractions we face every day by taking full control of our environment.

It’s incredibly easy to get distracted from your workflow. All it takes is someone fidgeting near you, a messy desk, a coworker talking with another coworker, or something simply happens in your field of view and pulls you out of your focused state.

As Dr. Mark said, every time you experience one of those distractions, it takes 25 minutes on average to get back into the flow state. If you’re anything like me, once you get focused you can accomplish almost anything… it’s just a matter of locking in and staying focused.

Visor creates the ideal distraction-free environment by bringing your physical workspace into a VR environment. See, the cool thing about working in VR is that you have full control of what you see. Which most often results in an elevated and prolonged state of focus. Our team at Immersed, commonly jokes that, “working in VR is like having noise canceling for your eyes.

VR is the first solution for the working professional that reduces the visual clutter of your workspace and when necessary can replace it entirely. Now you can focus and control your environment regardless of where you find yourself. Noisy cafe, small table in a busy hotel lobby, or even on a train, it doesn’t matter.

I am not saying that Visor will fix all of your problems, but based on our user testimonials, I do believe that it will dramatically reduce the amount of distractions you face on a daily basis.

One of our users who has struggled with ADHD said,

“Let me tell you. I grew up with ADHD and distractions DESTORY productivity. Not only has your software created a distraction-free environment… This software is LIFE CHANGING. That is putting it lightly. You guys really are pioneers of the new age.” — Roy

Another user said,

“[VR] helps eliminate environmental distractions and has boosted my productivity overall. I can’t thank you all enough, and am looking forward to the Visor 4K!

Easing the Pain of Context Switching

Multi-tasking is a challenge for people with ADHD since they struggle to work through multiple streams of information at the same time. Visor makes context switching more accessible with multiple resizable screens. With nearly unlimited screen real estate you will never have to frantically switch through windows or tabs.

When you have the ability to spawn 5+ 4K digital screens, you can create your ideal workspace regardless of your line of work. By choosing how many screens you are using or what content is on those screens you can avoid losing focus by limiting what you see between tasks.

Forgetfulness, ADHD & AI

People with ADHD commonly struggle with forgetfulness. This can include trouble remembering to complete and put finishing touches on projects. It can even impact small things such as leaving the intro or signature off of an email.

Visor will have a built-in AI assistant we call Curator. Curator will act as an assistant with perfect memory recall, and the ability to proactively help with task management to keep you on top of your day, instead of catching up on it.

Imagine being able to simply ask Curator to recall the action items from a meeting that happened two weeks ago.

Combating Sensory Overload

Sensory overload, a common symptom of ADHD, can be described as a wave of anxiety or irritation that is onset by too much sensory input. While Visor can give you access to an infinite amount of worlds and visual workplaces… It can also strip down your workspace to nothingness. Imagine being able to get your work done in the likes of a deprivation chamber…

The void is exactly that. The void is a VR environment where our users can work in nothing but complete darkness with their screens.

An Immersed user, Cory said, “The void is ADHD bliss!

You can eliminate everything that is “extra” and sit in complete oneness with your necessary screens and applications. Zero distractions.

If voids aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there are a host of other sceneries to choose from. You could work with scenic views of the clouds, and rolling grass hills, or in a cozy ski lodge. The options are endless.

Bulky VR headsets on the market today aren’t exactly sensory-friendly. Because traditional headsets were not built for extended use, they often lead to fatigue after long uses. Visor, on the other hand, was built with extended use in mind. So it weighs less than your average smartphone. Making it the smallest 4K headset, and a great solution for the working professional.

Body Doubling for Productivity

Body doubling is a productivity strategy that involves having someone else nearby while you work on a task to help you stay focused, engaged, or motivated.

Many of those with ADHD agree that body doubling increases their productivity. Body doubling is said to work due to an element of accountability and pressure which positively affects those with ADHD. Visor enables this with public rooms where users can sit across the table from one another.

Visor enables the next generation of coworking. Finally, you can co-work with others from the comfort of your own home!

Visor Can Improve Your Focus and Limit Distractions!

Visor has a huge opportunity to improve the quality of life for professionals battling ADHD during work. Everyone deserves a better way to work, and with VR, modern-day professionals can reimagine what that looks like.

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