Visor Plus Announced

Immersed Announces Visor’s Substantially Reduced Upfront Pricing, and Targeted Demo & Shipping Dates.

Austin, TX Jan 25th, 2024 – Immersed, a leader in spatial computing solutions, proudly announces making its ultra-high 4K per eye resolution Visor accessible to the a broader target market by substantially reducing its pricing from $949.99 to $399.99 ($100 less than Quest 3 upfront) with the debut of Visor Plus. 

Immersed’s prioritization of community and commitment over upfront profits results in a win-win business model that ultimately rewards consumers with lower upfront pricing, which is expected to simultaneously enable a longer-term business model for Immersed and its tech partners to reinvest back into the product ecosystem. Immersed has also increased Visor’s extended battery from 2hrs to 3hrs, and has shared target demo and delivery dates below.

Visor’s new 3hr battery with wire-passthrough capability from headset to the laptop for higher screen bandwidth.

What's Visor?

Visor is a fully standalone AR/VR headset with ultra-high resolution 4K micro-OLED displays per eye, similar to the Apple Vision Pro, but focused primarily on the work use case, resulting in a much lighter device with a sleeker form factor. Visor runs the Immersed application that spawns multiple virtual monitors from your laptop (compatible with Mac/Windows/Linux), enabling multi-screen-sharing and whiteboarding for collaborative sessions, or coworking in virtual cafes. Visor will also allow other OpenXR-compatible applications to be sideloaded onto it for varied use cases.

Why Visor?

Following Apple Vision Pro demos, product reviewers like MKBHD have struggled to believe that the Vision Pro will be effective as a work-focused AR/VR headset, despite Apple’s heavy marketing for work use cases. This is why Immersed is building Visor specifically for working professionals, an ultra-high resolution device with 27M pixels (vs Apple Vision Pro’s 23M pixels), weighing in less than a smartphone (vs Apple Vision Pro’s 650 grams), and now with a 3hr extended battery instead of 2hrs.
Watch/read this in-depth comparison between the Apple Vision Pro and Immersed’s Visor:

While Apple charges a premium of $3,500 for the Vision Pro (targeting initial developers and Apple fanatics), Immersed believes that its own headset should be accessible to a much broader audience, namely, anyone who uses a computer for work. In conjunction with ultra-high resolution displays in an extremely lightweight form factor, many of Visor’s target customers have requested discounted pricing, warranties, customizable personal spaces, curated VIP coworking lounges, built-in AI capabilities to make work easier, future Visor trade-in upgrades, etc.

Why Visor Plus?
Visor’s two most recent Tiktok videos that showcased its functionalities hit 50M views and 20M views, with many prospective customers in the comments expressing their deep desire to purchase if Visor was more affordable. In addition, the move to enhance Visor's overall experience also comes in response to Visor’s widespread demand across various sectors, including entertainment, social, enterprise, military, manufacturing, and education, to name a few. 

That’s why Immersed is rolling out its “Visor Plus” membership. Visor Plus is a membership bundle for new Visor customers that lowers the upfront hardware price from $949.99 down to $399.99 ($100 less than Quest 3) and includes added benefits to enhance the user’s experience for the life of their membership. 

To honor the community who has supported our vision thus far, all pre-orders to-date who already paid for their device in-full are eligible to receive 12 months of Visor Plus for free on top of all of the features they already get. After those 12 months are over, they have the option to renew (pricing based on the term they choose) or cancel and maintain the same feature set that was included with their original pre-order.

Visor Plus membership includes:

  1. Visor offered at a substantially reduced upfront price
  2. Curator Professional AI Assistant (Beta)
    • Private, Local, Secure
    • Initial beta focused on calendar, emails, tasks, messages, and meeting notes (all opt-in/out settings configurable for added privacy).
  3. VIP Co-working spaces
    • Carefully crafted to facilitate global networking within your industry or job function.
  4. Customizable 3D work spaces
  5. Premium Environments
  6. 4 collaborators (screen-sharing, whiteboarding, etc.)
  7. 3-hour Extended Battery upgrade
  8. Standard Warranty (while membership is active)
  9. Discounts on Visor accessories
  10. Priority support
  11. Priority trade-in program
    • When Visor 2 is announced in the coming years, undamaged Visor 1 devices can be traded in for a discounted price. This helps with customers’ concern that custom IPD Visors are more difficult to resell independently.

As part of Immersed’s commitment to deliver a premium experience, every Visor device moving forward will include Visor Plus starting today. Once a Visor Plus membership starts (after delivery), customers are obligated to finish paying out the commitment term they agreed to, which is how Immersed and its tech partners’ revenue share unit economics are viable for offering discounted hardware. After the term of the initial Visor Plus membership is over, devices are not required to renew membership, unless they want to continue receiving the added benefits offered with Visor Plus. Though this new business model is uncommon in the historically gaming-focused VR hobbyist market, it’s a model that Immersed believes is a much better fit for the broader professional market that they’re targeting. This approach offers lower upfront costs for professionals with a longer-term white-glove service to ensure customers are successful working in AR/VR without issues.Other customers may continue to pre-order a “device only” Visor until February 16th, 2024.


  1. Standard 4K
    • Device only: $999.99 $949.99
      • Ends February 16, 2024
    • Visor Plus:
      • Device: $399.99 upfront
      • Membership Terms:
        1. 24 months: $39.99/month
        2. 12 months: $59.99/month
  2. Founder's Edition
    • Device only: $1499.99 $1249.99
      • Ends February 16, 2024
    • Visor Plus:
      • Device: $699.99 upfront
      • Membership Terms:
        1. 24 months: $39.99/month
        2. 12 months: $59.99/month

“What happens to Visors after they pay their first membership term in full, if they decide not to renew?”
They will maintain the same feature set that was included with their original device (5+ screens, ultrawide resolutions, offline mode, public co-working in the Immersed app).

"Will device-only customers receive any less software update support than Visor Plus customers?"
All devices run the Immersed software. They will all receive the same updates.

Target Timelines:

Immersed is planning to provide exclusive demos to select product reviewers in the coming quarter, targeting initial deliveries to Founder’s Edition Visor customers in mid-2024. All Visor orders will be shipped in the order they were received, so the earlier a customer places their order, the earlier they are in the priority queue.

A Message from Our CEO, Renji Bijoy

“The level of affordability to bring such an ultra-high resolution device like Visor to the masses is what excites me the most! Honestly, Visor would NOT be possible without working this closely with Qualcomm, not only on the hardware, but also on the business model. Qualcomm’s team members are masters of industry, working with us to come up with creative solutions to make sure we can offer a win-win scenario for customers, while also enabling us and the tech partners to reinvest back into the future of Visor long-term.
I cannot wait to see how much it blows our customers’ minds when they finally get to hold a such a high-quality/lightweight device in their hands at such an affordable price. This reminds me of when iPhone released their second generation device for only $199 even though it was one of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet at the time.”

About Visor: 

Visor is a game-changing spatial computing device designed for the modern professional. With unparalleled ultra-high 4K resolution per eye, lighter than a smartphone, and sleek portability, Visor transforms the way you work. Seamlessly replace monitors with a device that adapts to your ideal workspace, offering a lightweight and immersive experience. Elevate productivity, revolutionize collaboration, and embrace the future of work with Visor.

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About Immersed:

Immersed is a cutting-edge spatial computing application that empowers professionals to work and collaborate in virtual offices. With a commitment to innovation and user experience, Immersed has become the most used spatial computing software globally, driving the future of remote hybrid work.

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