Visor Gives You an Ergonomic Workspace Anywhere You Go.

Fully Customizable AR/VR screens can drastically improve your posture and productivity

We can all remember a time when discomfort ruined the work day. We have habitually gotten used to bending over our screens in unhealthy positions to complete our work or enjoy entertainment.

Unfortunately, poor posture at your desk can lead to chronic issues like lower back pain, neck pain, and pain between your shoulders.

A recent study published by the National Institute of Medicine covered the prevalence of bad posture as a result of mobile and laptop use. Shockingly 70.5% of the total respondents reported muscular discomfort during work, and a majority of the reports specifically said that they felt discomfort in their neck (86.4%), lower back (75.9%), and right and left shoulders (76.2%)

Looking down at your phone or laptop for too long is a feeling that is all too familiar for most working professionals. For those whose work revolves around screens for the majority of their day, finding a comfortable work setup can be quite challenging.

Poor Posture Can Follow You Past Your 9–5.

The consequences of working in unergonomic conditions are carried well into retirement. According to the GitHux MarketData Report of 2024, 20 million workers struggle with work-related musculoskeletal diseases in the US. In the end, those with chronic conditions can end up making less money than their counterparts.

Chiropractors and spinal specialists have many recommendations for people looking to improve their current work setup. Adjusting your monitor height to eye level and holding your phone up to your face is better for posture are the most common. Laptop risers and back harnesses can also be used, but these solutions are inconvenient and are just a “bandaid” to a larger issue.

The truth is that creating an ergonomic work setup takes a lot of intentionality and is often very hard to take with you wherever you go.

How Can AR/VR Improve Your Poor Posture?

Today, we are so heavily reliant on screens that the world can’t go around without them… With that being said, it's important to make screens more ergonomic.

Visor is an AR/VR device that allows you to bring up to 5 screens into augmented reality or virtual reality. Visor was specifically designed with the working professional in mind, focusing on hybrid-remote work and entertainment.

Why Should You Care?

You’re probably wondering, “how does a device that replaces my traditional monitors help me with overcoming poor posture?”

Well, Visor stands out as one of the most ergonomic alternatives to traditional monitors because of the benefits digital screens have to offer. Digital screens are fully customizable when it comes to screen size and placement.

This means you can place up to 5 digital screens any distance from your face, at any resolution up to 4K, at any angle that feels good to you. Visor gives you the ability to change your setup minute to minute, freeing you from 8-hour workdays where your neck and back are locked in place.

Not to mention, Visor is made with 4K micro-OLED screens to deliver crystal-clear clarity, so you won't have to lean in over your laptop or strain your eyes to read that blog.

With 4K resolution per eye, Visor’s screens are optimal for those who struggle to do detailed work on laptops and monitors. Visor also allows you to zoom in and out of your screens and adjust for a flat or curved screen.

And the best part… You can use Visor as an ergonomic solution regardless of where you are at.

If AR/VR is such a great solution, then why haven’t more people use it to help with their posture?

Well, until now, most AR/VR alternatives on the market today have been bulky devices to accommodate a wide range of use cases like gaming in addition to work and entertainment. In most cases, these bulky headsets can create more pain than comfort after extended periods of use. With form factors that weigh anywhere from a pound to two and a half pounds, the problems you solve with digital screens are replaced with having that heavy weight on your head all day.

Visor is the first device of its kind. It has many of the same specifications as the Apple Vision Pro but it weighs less than your smartphone… Making it an incredible wearable device for long sessions. It’s the first time that AR/VR seems like a technology that can replace traditional monitors in a meaningful way while helping people improve the control they have over things like poor posture, distracting work environments, etc.

The parent company, Immersed, which developed Visor in partnership with Qualcomm developed the most used AR/VR productivity app on the Oculus store. Even while using heavier headsets, thousands of users have had some incredible things to say regarding how this technology has changed their lives!


“I just finished my first week in VR. The health benefits are worth it. I haven’t had to sit hunched up to my monitor since last Friday. I work 8 hours and 15 minutes a day with an hour lunch. Immersed is the only reason I can put up with working [at] call centers after 22 years of discomfort because of ergonomics. Thank you for creating this product. It has changed my life for the better as someone with low vision.” -Shaun Gratton

“This lightweight product [Visor] has ENORMOUS potential in the chronic disease community ESPECIALLY with any disease that causes weakness and disability. HUGE potential to be leaders in the area to not only improve quality of life but allow people to reenter the workforce.” — Christina Ramirez, BSN, RN

Investing in a Visor isn’t just about avoiding discomfort — it’s an investment in taking care of your overall health. Improving your work conditions will almost always make you more productive.

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